Markets keep crashing (Nasdaq, Dax, Dow Jones)

Markets keep crashing (Nasdaq, Dax, Dow Jones)

Every day is the same thing. Follow the trend, get a quick profit and the day is done.
Over the last days, the market is crashing.
What does that mean?
Only sells allowed.
When you are on the right side of the market, your accuracy increases a lot.

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Stocks trading #AEP

Stocks trading #AEP

Why is the Stock market the best one to trade?
Because it trends a lot and delivers more great trading opportunities than any other market.
This was #AEP stock today.
Using our trend following strategy the accuracy of the setups was 95%.
How crazy is this?

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DAX 1 minute shot @ London Open

DAX 1 minute shot @ London Open
A quick shot on DAX at the London session.
1 minute and my trading day is done.
That's all you need, 1 trade per day.
Avoid overtrading and your results will improve a lot.

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IAmA profitable discretionary Forex trader..

/trading and /forex are dead so I thought I would post in here. Feel free to ask me anything. I am not a guru, and am just looking to help aspiring traders by cutting through the many misconceptions that exist around trading.
I have spent a LOT of time learning how to trade consistently and profitably. I have also spent a LOT of time learning how to do things that do not work. What works for me may differ with what works for you, I can only comment based on my own experience of what works.
I have tried using hundreds of different indicators and combinations thereof, I have also done extensive backtesting and data mining and can advise somewhat on my experience with that. I have tried trading with EAs.
However, these are things that do not work for me.
I consistently and profitably trade using horizontal support and resistance and a fibonacci scale. This method is sometimes referred to as "Price Action" or "Naked" trading in online forums. I also use angular support and resistance (trendlines), but less often. The market is very simple if you let it be.
I trade patterns that constantly repeat themselves in the market. They repeat consistently, I see them again and again and again. I do not know the outcome of each trade before I take it. I cannot tell the future, and I do not believe anyone who says that they can. Because I cannot tell the future, I cannot eliminate losing trades entirely, and they form part of my profitable trading.
I owe much of my initial trading belief to a group of traders that I met online. I have since met these people in person to confirm their situations. Their advice has always been free and I am deeply thankful for their mentoring, these traders helped me to believe that consistently profitable trading was possible. These traders trade different markets using different methods, but each is able to be consistenly profitable and trade for a living. I believe that having profitable traders to talk to day-in-day-out greatly helps the learning process.
Having said that, I do not currently trade for a living and I do maintain a fulltime job. This will change in years to come as I get a better idea of what to expect from the market week to week, month to month. Trading Forex is not a consistent income in the same way that a wage is - profits fluctuate, as the market is dynamic - and there are practicalities that need to be considered before I leave the workforce and commit to trading fulltime.
I am currently learning to trade the DAX by paper trading. I aim to take smaller profts on a daily basis from the DAX to supplement my Forex trading. This more consistent income will assist me in being able to leave the workforce.
A large amount of capital is NOT necessarily required to trade for a living..
Anything that I can help with? Ask away
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Play on the Brexit fear.

Go deep on the Brexit fear. A lot of people are talking about sympathy votes for Bremain (a sad tragedy, the killing of the MP for sure) but the uncertainty is huge simply because both sides are neck and neck right now. The moment the campaigns were suspended, FTSE came up from 4 month lows as if the suspension changed anything. The DAX hit about 9480 and is back at 9600+. This will not hold in my opinion as the week starts off. If the fear and uncertainty sent the DAX from about 10,100 to 9,480, I expect this week that the DAX will hit at least 9300 as the date nears.
My strategy (yes numbnuts, I have a strategy) is buying puts on both indexes come Monday. Forex is too hot for me to handle, though I do believe the Euro and the Pound will fall in the coming days up to the referendum. I do not plan to hold my puts up until the day of the referendum, I will take profits before the actual puts.
In other words, with about a week remaining until the vote, go for the Faggot's Delight puts and scalp the profits before the vote.
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Why are Intraday stock charts more "stable" than global macro intraday charts?

[Username unrelated]
I've traded the global macro markets (forex, indices, bonds, metals) for a few years now. Have noticed that the intraday markets have become more inconsistent with lots of whipsaws, especially in recent years (2015). For instance, FDAX (DAX futures) can whipsaw around a range for about 2-3 hours at times, with many significant breakouts and pullbacks failing or getting faded at insignificant areas. Pardon my lack of understanding of market dynamics, but what is causing these changes with lower time frame charts getting more choppy?
Thanks in advance!
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