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You can use TD Ameritrade's real-time equity data for free, for paper trading without the 20-minute delay.

In case people didn't know, if you use a platform which "contains" a paper trading acccount, rather than relying on the TOS platform entirely, you can take advantage of the free real-time US equity data for paper trading. So to keep this simple you can get NinjaTrader for free here, it's generally considered a free platform for those who didn't know. When you get NT through this method, you can pick Futures or Forex data. You can go back and fill out each one if you'd like say, do Futures first (that'll be through CQG and give you a lot of data for 7 days or 14, I can't recall) and the Forex through FXCM. Regardless, you don't have to use either one if you don't want. After that you'll be able to download NT installer, I always go with NinjaTrader 8, it works well. Rather than 7, that is.
Simply click "connections" in the main panel once it's open, and add a TD Ameritrade connection with the same login/pass you'd use to login to TOS or your TD/AT online account.
One important thing to note: If you want tick data, at the least NinjaTrader will say give you 10 tick, 2, 1 tick or even intervals like 1s (literally type 1s or 10s or 1t 3t 10t etc and hit enter when you have a chart open) but I believe it's derived from the bar data, if that makes sense. Also if you're viewing anything less than the 1 minute bar timeframe, itll just start off at the time you've opened the chart with such tick/second/range/interval data, and no historical on the chart. So if I'm doing that I like to open a second chart in another tab of the same instrument to show the historical data.
So the paper trading account is within the NT platform, and so long as you make sure you have set up your default account to be say Sim101, the usual name of the default paper trading account, you won't be actually executing trades through the TD Ameritrade broker, but you get to trade on real-time data.
Between this being free data, the possibility of using Rithmic, CQG and FXCM trials for futures and forex, you can get basically all free data. For a paper trader like me, that's nice because I have no skin the game... I think that's the saying.
Keep in mind I'm not promoting NinjaTrader in any commercial capacity and have no affiliation with them whatsoever as a company or in any manner I can conceive. There's one other platform I use which isn't free that's compatible with TD Ameritrade's data and that's called MotiveWave. It also does support simulated trading very very well. I suggest checking it out and I'll just say Google MotiveWaveTM 4.2.8 Ultimate Edition ;) Hope this isn't just old news everyone here has known. If so, let me know. Happy trading and hope this coming trading week is a good one.
Edit: Some other resources which at least have free trials available without necessarily needing any payment info I find useful are: 1) (Especially Steve K's market signals... I've only heard of McAffe's signals but never tried them, however Steve K is a good guy and seems to really know what he's doing. Tl;dr, they work for me in paper trading).
2) - you need a linkedin with 5 or more connections to get the free trial but they have a great squawk service with a guy from NYC who seems to be on literally almost 24 hours a day 5 days a week.
3) - a Bloomberg Terminal alternative basically, but not as fancy... for more fancy see:
4) This one isn't really explained the best on their own site, in my opinion but I've been using the free 30 day trial and what it is, is Metastock's own way of selling Reuters Eikon service. Eikon is about the best Bloomberg Terminal alternative I've found yet in many years of searching. I'm more into looking at data and figuring out how plats work than the actual trading in some ways. Important note on this one: Once you do have a trial, and they take a little while to rubber stamp it so be patient with the emails they send, you can login through the regular Reuters Eikon web login if you wish rather than using the Windows standalone program. They're the same one's just web-baed.
5) Lastly for now, - definitely worth checking out. Has it's own live squawk for news during trading hours and definitely no payment info needed for a trial. You can login once trial acquired via or the now 'legacy' installable platform. They're both good but I'm not crazy about the iOS/Android versions at all.
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